Bluefin Bay Family of Resorts Branding

When the management company of Bluefin Bay on Lake Superior added two new resort properties to its repertoire, it turned to Marketing that Matters to mastermind a brand strategy and identity for the collection of resorts. Marketing that Matters created a family of brands strategy, building on the strength of the core Bluefin Bay brand. The Bluefin Bay Family of Resorts identity capitalizes on Bluefin Bay’s brand equity, strong customer loyalty, and recognition as a premier, award-winning resort. The identity and subsequent marketing materials also built on what customers told us was Bluefin Bay’s greatest strength — its spectacular location, views and proximity to the water – a trait the collection of resorts would share. In anticipation of a combined and collective advertising strategy, we wanted to ensure that the Bluefin Bay identity closely aligned with Bluefin Bay, the mothership.